Virtualization is a software technology that allows you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine thereby sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer.

Using software such as VMware vSphere and VMware ESXi you can “virtualize” the hardware resources of an x86-based computer to create a virtual machine that can run its own operating system (windows, linux and more) and applications just as a standard computer does. Virtualization allows you to reduce your IT costs by becoming more energy efficient with better use of your hardware infrastructure, and also improves performance.

Why Choose VMware for your Virtualization

While virtualization in general can bring you many advantages, VMware virtualization solutions are built on a robust foundation proven in production environments and chosen by over 250,000 customers, including 100% of the Fortune 100. Built on VMware vSphere, the industry’s most advanced virtualization platform, we enable solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, utilizing existing IT investments. Our solutions can be integrated with your overall IT infrastructure and existing management tools. If that's not enough, we also have the lowest total cost of ownership than any competitor. VMware's desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, while VMware's enterprise software hypervisors for servers,VMware ESX and VMware ESXi are bare-metal embedded Hypervisors that run directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system.

Why most of the organization depending VMWARE

VMWARE dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Internal resources are underutilized under the old “one server, one application” model and IT admins spend too much time managing servers rather than innovating. An automated datacenter, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMware vSphere delivers resources, applications—even servers—when and where they’re needed. VMware customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating their resource pools and delivering highly available machines with VMware vSphere.

Main advantage of VMWARE

  • Run multiple operating systems on a single computer including Windows, Linux and more
  • Let your Mac run Windows creating a virtual PC environment for all your Windows applications
  • Reduce capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware and increasing your server to admin ratio
  • Ensure your enterprise applications perform with the highest availability and performance
  • Build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the datacenter
  • Improve enterprise desktop management & control with faster deployment of desktops and fewer support calls due to application conflicts
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