Microsoft windows server 2012 is the newest version of Microsoft Server operating system software.

Microsoft has taken the best of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and combined them in to the latest creation.

Windows Server 2012 eliminates many of the problems that plagued windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, and it includes a much faster boot time and shutdown. It is also easier to install and configure, and it barely stops to ask the user any questions during installation.

Windows Server 2012, including installation, configuration, group policy objects, auditing, backups, and so much more.

Windows server 2012 has improved on Microsoft’s desktop environment, made networking easier, enhanced search ability, improved performance.

This is technical course for IT professionals who want to take Windows Server 2012 to the next step.

  • 1.Deploying and managing windows server 2012
  • 2.Introduction to Active Directory domain service
  • 3.Managing Active Directory domain services objects
  • 4.Automating Active directory domain services administration
  • 5.Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration protocol
  • 6.Implementing DNS
  • 7.Implementing Local storage
  • 8.Implementing file and print service
  • 9.Implementing group policy
  • 10.Implementing server virtualization with hyper-v
  • 11.Maitaining Active directory domain services
  • 12.Managing user and service accounts
  • 13.Configuring and troubleshooting remote access
  • 14.configuring network policy server role
  • 15.Using windows deployment services to deploy windows server 2012
  • 16.Implementing windows server update service
  • 17.implementing network load balancing
  • 18.Planning a server upgrade migration
  • 19.Implementing ipv6
  • 20.Planning and implenting a server virtulization strategy
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